Code of Conduct


Section - 1 (Conduct)
All officers and cadets MUST obey the Code Of Conduct at all times. They must respect senior officers that over rank them by calling them "Sirout of respect. All officers may not join any other clan or be in another clan when joining [FC] or have submitted their oath to [FC]. Flames, spamming and cursing is now allowed. The officer must ask permission to talk freely with out obeying these rules, the over ranks you or under ranks you. Then the following rules do not applied unless you are chatting with another clan/fleet.

Section - 2 (Game Playing)
Everyone MUST have FUN, that's what were here for! You must follow the CoC when in game play. Failing to do so could result in punishment.

Section - 3 (JAG)
JAG deals with any disciplinary matters that may arise within the fleet. They may demote officers as a punishment along with removing them from their position as punishment. This is not applicable to the Fleet Admiral, who can never be removed by JAG. JAG may permanently dismiss officers from the fleet. No other fleet members can have this power, other than dismissals for a period of inactivity. (Reference Section - 7)

Section - 4 (Security Department)
The security department deal's with threats against the fleet such as spied and mutiny. The security head has the power to suspend [FC] Officers and Cadets pending trial by JAG if he considers it is necessary for security measures.

Section - 5 (Hacking)
Hackers are ABSOLUTLY not tolerated! This is an act of war to [FC] if you’re an outside clan or fleet other wise that [FC] will be delt with accordingly as needed.

Section - 6 (Graphics)
All pictures are the sole property of there creators. They are not to be taken with out permission of [FC]'s Command Staff, who must gain permission from the Fleet Admiral. Failing to do so could result in war.

Section - 7 (Promotions)
The Fleet Admiral, and the Admirals Council can promote Fleet Officers. The Admirals Council can demote and promote officers including Commanding Officers (CO and XO). Division CO's may promote officers within their division only. Department XO's nor Division XO's cannot promote any officer in the fleet.

Section - 8 (CO's Dutys)
All Division Commanding Officers are responsible for training there officers and running there own Division or Department. They have the power to promote officers with there XO's recommendations. The CO of a division has to check ALL Battle reports made with in his division. If failing to do their dutys, the council may remove them and the Executive Officer of the Division or Department will take over as new CO and a new XO will be appointed!

Section - 9 (Retirement & Resigning)
a.) If you retired from [FC], you will still get access to are forums. If the officer who retried held the rank Commander or higher they have the right to come back to [FC] with they rank of Commander or higher if the Council feels it is need
b.) If you resign from [FC] you have they right to go to any other clan or fleet. If the Officer that resigned want to rejoin MRA they have to fill out an Application and post another Oath. Also they will have to wait 1-5 days for the Council to vote on his / her rank.

Section - 10 (Diplomacy Team)
No one in the diplomacy team may sign a NAP, MPP, Alliance or go to war. That Diplomat may post their thoughts or request that we have a NAP, MPP, and Alliance. Then a Council member will move their post (Idea) to the Council forum for review.

Section - 11 (Fleet Admiral Powers)
The Fleet Admiral have all powers.The Fleet Admiral Have The Power Of The Fleet The olny Way to Contest him is Council and if the council Dimiss him for 1 week max The FA The FA choise the new Acting CO of 1 week. Fleet Admiral options to Demote, Promote, go to war and declare peace with out the Council Authorization. The council may however block the Fleet admirals decision with a majority vote. The council may dismiss the Fleet Admiral with a unanimous vote of no confidence. If he/she is in active for 3 weeks only.

Section - 12 (Admirals Council Powers and Make-Up)
The Admirals Council is the [COUNCIL] Of the Fleet Admiral The Council dont Lead the Fleet The Higher right Of the Council is Dimiss the FA for 1 week max See Section 11.

Section - 13 (CoC Editing)
Only the Admirals Council may edit the (CoC) with a majority vote.and the autorization of the FA No other department, council no division can edit the (CoC) in any way. In emergency situations the Fleet Admiral may edit the (CoC) however the changes may be blocked by the council with a majority decision.

Section - 14 (Oath)
All members of [FC]The Federation must agree the oath in the Application to be an offical member. The Oath Folow is acepted when u click Yes in [FC]Application Page I _________ Agree the CoC and Chain Of Command. i Hearby will serve Federation Command with Honor and Respect.


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