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Federation Command and Timelords -MPP 
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Post Federation Command and Timelords -MPP
Ladies and Gentlemen and whom it may concern,

It is my greatest pleasure to announce that from 24th may 2013, Federation Command [FC] and Timelords have now signed a new treaty that being the Mutual Protection Pact.

Let us celebrate for the future and wish long lasting relationship with Timelords


This pact obligates the signers to intervene in situations in which either is attacked or threatened by an outside force. Furthermore this pact is the only way in which an Alliance can be obtained.

This is a MPP - 'Mutual Protection Pact' treaty between the following Clans/Fleets:
• [FC] Federation Command
• [Timelords] Timelords Fleet

Article A (Fleet Actions)


There will be no aggression or ill actions taken against those mentioned above. Exceptions are any friendly Wargames, Competitions or Exercises.


Each will respond to any request for assistance due to a war or conflict that will threaten either [FC] or [Timelords].

However, if this action violates a similar or greater agreement between another, e.g. MPP or an Alliance, Either has the right to not intervene. We have the right to hold or Cancel this treaty if a war breaks out between the clan mentioned above and one that we hold an Alliance with.


[FC] and [Timelords] will share any and all enemy and community intelligence. Not including any personal information or internal data regarding Memberbase mail-addresses, IPs, etc. except each others' Rosters.

The above mentioned, not shared information, can be requested on both sides' Councils, in matters of internal security.


Neither will plot to start internal conflict but if an internal conflict were to occur either may ask for assistance but are not obligated to assist.

Article B (Team Speak 3)


For fleet actions and in-game events the use of both the [FC] and [Timelords] TS3 server is authorized. TS-Server Hosts are the Event hosts on either side.

[FC] - We will host a server in which all members of a Fleet or Clan that has a MPP or an Alliance with us can enter and use. You will have your own rooms and you will be given a pass code to your room. You will not be given codes to other rooms reserved for others. You will not share your room with anyone who is not in your Fleet or Clan.

[Timelords] - FC will be given access to [Timelords]'s TS-Server and will be entrusted with its access code.

Article C (Future relations and Validation of the Treaty)


Upon breaking this MPP Treaty with either war or another action which might put this MPP in jeopardy, diplomatic relations will revert to a NAP status until a period of time in which we will either terminate all relations or will upgrade back to MPP status.


Upon breaking this MPP treaty for any reasons other than the above, all diplomatic relations will be on hold for a period of 7 to 10 days.


If relations between us improves to a point, we will consider upgrading to a full Alliance.


[FC] - To validate this treaty the following may sign: Clan CO and XO, Diplomacy CO. Optional signatures include Diplomacy XO and Fleet Operations CO and/or XO.

[Timelords] - Treaties, pacts or any other form of strengthened diplomatic ties in written text, are signed by: the Fleet Admiral, the Diplomatic Corps CO and an appointed Member - either Council or Fleet Member -. (Excerpt from the [Timelords] Fleet Constitution)

[FC] Signatures:

i. Captain Twisted (Diplomacy XO)
ii. Division Admiral Taylynn (Admirals Council & Fleet Chief of Operations)
iii. Division Vice Admiral Bailo (Diplomacy CO)

[Timelords] Signatures:

i. Admiral Dorus (Diplomatic Corps CO & Admirals' Council)
ii. Fleet Admiral Phil (Timelords FA & Admirals' Council)
iii. Admiral Pirko (Command CO & Admirals' Council)

Signed - 24 May 2013

Snr Captain Twisted

Academy Dean


May 24th, 2013, 6:58 pm
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Foreign Diplomat
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Post Re: Federation Command and Timelords -MPP
Indeed Twisted, Timelords is looking forward as well to the future of our two Fleets.

May 24th, 2013, 9:23 pm
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Post Re: Federation Command and Timelords -MPP
{Timelords}Dorus wrote:
Indeed Twisted, Timelords is looking forward as well to the future of our two Fleets.

*Salutes* Agree Twisted and Dorus. It is a great pleasure to welcome TimeLords to the FC Family. I am sure that the future of our 2 Fleets will go great.

Thanks & Respectfully;

Vice Admiral Taylynn
3rd in Command, FC
Admirals Council (3rd Seat)
Chief of Fleet Operations, FC



May 24th, 2013, 10:39 pm
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Fleet Admiral
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Post Re: Federation Command and Timelords -MPP
Great news, I look forward to peaceful cooperation between our fleets.

Thank you,


May 25th, 2013, 2:28 am
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