Posting an Oath

This forum is where new recruits post their allegiance to the Federation Command.

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Posting an Oath

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Welcome to the home of Federation Command! We are delighted to see that you have shown an interest in our most glorious Fleet. In order to successfully join Federation Command, you are required to post an oath. You will do this by following the below listed steps:

STEP I: create a new topic entitled 'Username Oath'.

STEP II: thus reply in the oath related topic with the following.
I, name, solemnly and sincerely affirm that, on becoming commissioned within FEDERATION COMMAND, I will with the utmost honour, integrity, and respect, be faithful and bear true allegiance to the Constitution and associated Policies, customs and glorious traditions of FEDERATION COMMAND and all lawful orders of the Officers appointed above me, for as long as I remain an Officer.
  1. Main Star Trek game:
  2. Other Star Trek game(s):
  3. Previous Star Trek fleet(s) served:
  4. Star Trek Online game handle:
  6. Time zone or nation:
  7. Officer that recruited you or How were you referred to FC:
  8. Other information:
Once you have posted your oath, please check back on a regular basis until your oath is either accepted or declined. Do note that an oath will only be declined under extreme circumstances. In the meantime, feel free to browse around on the forums and interact with the officers and the community. Once your oath has been accepted, you will receive the commissioned officer rank of Ensign. A representative of our glorious Fleet will be along to assign you to a Quadrant.

Thank you for applying to join Federation Command, one of the oldest, most glorious and most professional pure Star Trek gaming Fleet in the galaxy!