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The Executive Committee commands the Fleet and consists of one or both of the founding Fleet Admirals of FEDERATION COMMAND, Picard and Jesse, who are responsible for providing leadership and vision to the Council of Admirals which they chair/co-chair, as well as leadership to the Fleet as a whole. They are considered semper primus within the Chain of Command and are hereby granted the following powers/privileges:

The ability to Create Policy; Veto Any Council Vote (regardless of support); To possess "Founder" Level Administrator Access or equivalent; Full FTP Access to the FEDERATION COMMAND website; The right to appoint/dismiss Officers from the Council of Admirals and Privy Council, Starfleet Command and Operations Command; To change Fleet Condition Status, To declare War/Peace; To Approve/Cancel Diplomatic Pacts; To Approve Retirement and Resignations; To promote or demote to any rank, To make an Announcement in the name of FEDERATION COMMAND; To order the Arrest of any Officer; To dismiss any Officer from the Fleet.

For all other matters not outlined in this Constitution or any Policy of the Fleet, the Executive Committee must have the consent of the Council of Admirals whom by default has jurisdiction. Additionally, any decision and/or ruling and/or Policy by the Executive Committee is hereby subordinate to any majority ruling of the Council of Admirals on a case-by-case basis, except where otherwise stated in this Constitution. In exception to overruling decisions, no other punishment or restriction may be imposed upon the Executive Committee.

Command of the Fleet shall be delegated to a single Fleet Admiral upon retirement, resignation or death of both Founding Fleet Admirals. Where no succession order is given by the last departing Founder, the highest-seated Council of Admirals member is automatically appointed as the Council chair and promoted to the rank of Fleet Admiral. The Fleet Admiral has the exact powers and privileges assigned to the Executive Committee in this article, with the following exclusions/restrictions:

Cannot make policy; Must have the endorsement of at least one member of the Council of Admirals to remove another member of the Council of Admirals; Can be appointed/dismissed by a majority vote of the Council of Admirals.

Upon official reapplication by one or both of the Founding Fleet Admirals, the Executive Committee is automatically reactivated and command of the Fleet reverted to the returning Founder(s) Picard and/or Jesse; whereby the interim Fleet Admiral's position within the Fleet is at the discretion of the Executive Committee.